Master Lee displaying his skills at the 2009 Breakathon
Article about the Lees and Taekwondo in Colorado Springs
Young Master Lee sparring
Can you spot the young Master Lee?
1st and 2nd Generation Grandmaster and Masters
Safety Day 2008
Master Lee displaying his skills at the 2009 Breakathon
Masters Challenge April 2009 MLDemoBlack&White
Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies
USTC BreakAthon 09 M Lee Kneeling

Old Memories

Master Jay Lee competes
Wiht miss usa at kukkuiwon
With el paso county sherrif elder
With nia sanchez and wtf president
With nia sanchez
With peyton manning
With wtf presdient choeu
With-american sniper widow taya kyle
USTC BreakAthon 09 MLee Kneeling
April 10, 2014 – Colorado Springs Police Chief Peter Carey presents Master Jay Lee with an honorary Police Badge at the Colorado Springs Police Department Headquarters for his dedication and service to the community

US Taekwondo Center

Master Jay lee is the President and CEO of the US Taekwondo Center (USTC), which has five locations in the Colorado Springs area and a number of affiliate locations around the country. The USTC is recognized around the world as a leading Taekwondo School.

Taekwondo Vision
Taekwondo's has achieved greatness not only because it is an Olympic Sport, but because all people from all over the world, no matter their race, color, creed, or ability can participate in this martial art to maximize their potential

Master Lee's Family

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